DUDLEY DIX YACHT DESIGN This site will take you along the  different steps of building a 23 foot  dropkeel sailboat. The DIDI 23 is  one of the available designs for the  amateur builder designed by Dudley  Dix. The boat is built as a radius  chine trailer sailer from plywood  with bulb dropkeel. Diese Website zeigt Schritt für Schritt  den Bau einer 23-Fuß Hubkiel  Segelyacht. Die DIDI 23 ist ein  speziell für Selbstbauer konstruiertes  Design von Dudley Dix. Das Boot  wird als trailerbarer Rundspant  Segler mit Ballast-Hubkiel aus  Bootsbau-Sperrholz gebaut. About me I am 59, married, have two adult  children and working as engineer for rf techniques at a physical research  centre of the Helmholtz Association.  I live close to the Elbe river in a  suburb of Hamburg, Germany. 2011 Questions? Remarks? Mail to: traeholm (at) web.de DIDI 26 with sugar scoop, - HUNGARY - DIDI 26 built on the beach, - PHILIPPINES - DIDI 26 built in backyard, - UNITED KINGDOM - DIDI 26 built in Irkutsk, - RUSSIA - DIDI 26 built in Gebze, - TURKEY - DIDI Mini built in Arizona, - USA - DIDI Mount Gay30 built in Spijkenisse, - NETHERLANDS -  TRÄHOLM Wooden Boat Building Blog Already carried out tasks  in a glance  Überblick bisher durchgeführter Arbeiten DIDI 28 built in - GREECE - Building Blog 2012  2013  2014  2015  2016